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Unconscious Bias at play behind closed door Barrister Magazine

Hidden prejudice: Tips for tackling unconscious bias in your law firm Managing Partner

Muslims: Britian's Hidden Talent Pool People Management

how accent impacts our opinion of others Personnel Today

Is religion still an issue in business? Management Today

Dress Codes and Discrimination HR Review

Sneha Khilay explores the age-old topic of religion and whether it still has any importance in business

Cross Cultural Business Etiquette

Start Your Business Magazine

Sneha Khilay looks at the way cultural understanding can help form business relationships abroad

Employers face sickie spike for England match

Start Your Business Magazine and Simply Business

Training specialist Sneha Khilay also points out that non football users should not lose out if they need time for a different.....

Making inclusivity a Reality

Management Today

According to Diversity Coach and Trainer Sneha Khilay, what often bothers most managers is they simply dont know how to deal with some of the issues

How to Manage Political Correctness

Professional Manager

Approaching a subject in the workplace that is difficult to discuss due to political correctness is often a very challenging issue to deal with. Especially when you do not belong to that particular group, it becomes more and more difficult. One expert in equality and diversity, Snéha Khilay, deals with a common diversity dilemma, what is the correct term?

Changeboard Acasino is probably the last place you'd expect to

Equality and diversity expert Sneha Khilay of BlueTulip Training welcomes the concept of workplace ministry, but says organisations need to think ...

People Management Does gender culture really matter in business?

Taking account of under-represented minority groups - Sneha Khilay There has long been a debate over whether gender and culture really do make a difference ...

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I was asked to coach Mary (not her real name), a senior manager. A staff member in her team, Manpreet, had raised a formal complaint against Mary as she had asked him, in an open-plan office, why he needed to wear a turban. Mary had queried whether it was essential for Manpreet to follow the tr... read more >