"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi

Finding Your Mojo - Personal Effectiveness and Leaderhsip Training for Aspiring Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff.

It is common knowledge that BME staff  are under-represented at middle and senior levels in the majority of organisations and experience slower career progression. This has a detrimental effect on their morale, confidence and self-belief.

Blue Tulip Training conduct a unique four day programme, both in house and external, specifically designed to give BME employees the tools to overcome any residual disadvantage and improve their personal effectiveness by developing the skills to:

  • Take an pro-active, creative approach to career / personal development
  • Overcome personal barriers and capitalise on opportunities for success
  • Develop a vision and plan for the future – set and achieve clear goals
  • Receive job satisfaction – improve morale and motivation
  • Review progress towards goals creatively
  • Improve self confidence and belief
  • Make necessary and lasting improvements to skills, knowledge and behaviour.
  • Present a positive image

The process will focus on the participants' setting goals and thereby taking action toward the realisation of their visions and goal. The format will be that of personal discovery and inquiry to build a level of awareness for the participants to take responsibility. The process will include structure, support and feedback to participants.

This interactive and experiential programme will increase self-awareness and develop communication skills, helping to:

  • Build rapport, create positive and productive relationships
  • Develop assertive skills
  • Handle difficult situations (and behaviour) with confidence
  • Develop behavioural flexibility
  • Feel comfortable when interacting, even in difficult situations
  • Present effectively (with confidence, conviction and authority)
  • Contribute with impact to discussions, meetings and presentations
  • Make choices and go beyond the comfort zone

Organisational Perspective

  • identifying staff with potential; supporting them to present themselves effectively at meetings and interviews, with managers, colleagues and customers
  • maximising the potential of your work force by increasing people's potential
  • finding the best person for the right job
  • linking the diversity strategy to organisation’s competence and personal development agendas
  • encouraging staff to demonstrate the aspiration, motivation and skills to move to the next level
  • equipping and enabling black and minority ethnic staff to conduct 'difficult conversations' with managers about career development and longer term progression / prospects

By arrangement, general feedback on issues / concerns raised by course participants can be given, so that, as an organisation, you can consider action to further promote respect for diversity, demonstrating a commitment to promoting equality including challenging bullying, harassment or other discriminatory or unfair behaviour. By modelling exemplary behaviour, respecting everyone’s needs and delivering directorate and corporate equality action plans, organisations can build a competitive edge:

  • in developing untapped skills, talent management and staff retention
  • in working towards a diverse management tier

Blue Tulip Training is able to provide consultancy support in taking this forward



Dates for 2017


Hitlon Islington

60 Pentonville Road

Islington, London N19LA


FYM Alliance Group 1 (Winter/Spring Intake)

Monday 16 January

Friday 17 February

Monday 20 March

Friday 28 April

FYM Alliance Group 2 (Spring/Summer Intake)

Tuesday 21 March

Thursday 27 April

Monday 22 May

Friday 23 June

"Snéha's positive and understanding approach has challenged me to recognise, question and examine my values and assumptions in a safe environment. Snéha has been a magical change agent in my life and her words echo through my thoughts and actions...From the post graduate certificate in management course, I wholeheartedly recommend Snéha as an enlightening, enthusiastic and compassionate trainer whose capabilities of holding and stretching groups has to be experienced to be believed."

Chris Thompson, Family Centre Manager - Borehamwood

"The trainer, Sneha, played a very very integral part in my enjoying this course and 'seeing' myself and the world around me in a new way. I am left with an amazing feeling and a great sense of hope, excitement and positivity. At the end of it all I am full of new learnings and discoveries within myself, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. However with excellent guidance and personal attention from Sneha I sailed through the feelings of sadness, harsh discoveries and happy revelations."

Prieti Dey Executive Producer, Star Plus Mumbai, India

"I really enjoyed the course and Snéha's friendly training style and the way everyone's input was encouraged and acknowledged...Through one-to-one mentoring with Snéha, I was able to look at my personal situation objectively and make plans for my future development and career plans...It helped that Snéha understood barriers that I faced as an Asian woman and as a person with care responsibilities. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that benefited me greatly."

Ms Amarjeet Kaur