Interpreting and Translation Project

As an external consultant, Snéha was involved in setting up an interpreting and consulting scheme as a result of a successful bid application from the central government. The scheme involved recruiting the scheme coordinator, the interpreters and the translators. The code of ethics, code of confidentiality and code of good practice was established. The process involved working with the key senior members from the local authority, health authority and voluntary sector.

The Consultancy role evolved to manage the scheme coordinator and provide training for professionals on how to use an interpreter effectively. The interpreters were given support and guidance on how to work assertively with mental health professionals.

The Interpreting and Translation Scheme to date provides translation and interpreting in 58 different languages and has over 150 interpreters and translators.

Kiran – HIV project for Asian Women

The key aim of the project included outreach work to raise awareness of HIV / preventative measures, supporting women who are either HIV positive or related to a person who is HIV positive.

The work was carried out with the input and support of relevant professionals.

This project focused specifically for women in the Asian community and involved considerable sensitivity particularly in relation to going past the barriers of resistance and denial of HIV, its existence in the Asian community and the impact of HIV on individuals and families.

Awareness of HIV was raised through organising conferences, training and organising an outreach programme. A support base was set up for women to share and discuss their personal dilemmas, enabling them to become aware of other sources of support that they can access.

Equality Policy for Refugee Council

Refugee Council, prior to its launch of the Accept project require a policy specifically for the further education establishments and for tutors who work extensively with refugees.

Writing of the policy involved liasing with the Assistant Chief Executive of the Refugee Council and with other involved lecturers and tutors from the various education centres.

Policy became part of the Accept Project

Connecting Communities Evaluation Project

The evaluation project was a qualitative and quantitative based research that provided an objective, impartial perspective in the effectiveness of the Connecting Communities project.

The Watford Council for Racial Equality was successful in obtaining funding from the Home Office for a project titled ‘Connecting Communities’. Its main strategic objective was of building trust and confidence between the Black and Ethnic Minority Communities and the uniformed and probation service Home Office providers. Within this remit, the aim of this project was to address the imbalance in the under representation by the Black and Ethnic Minority communities within the Home Office providers. Part of the process of this project was to explore the reasoning behind the under representation and to identify what strategies can be used to readdress this imbalance.

The process involved interviewing various professionals within the Home Office provider structure to assess the effectiveness of the project. The research project also interviewed key members from the Watford Council of Racial Equality as well as members from the various communities. Analysis of the findings together with recommendations was thereafter provided to the Steering Committee of the council for Racial Equality.

Commitment Through Dialogue – Race Equality

An independent audit review of a health-based organisation - to assess and determine how far race equality is integrated into functions and services. A detailed analysis was undertaken together with further information gathering in relation to (potential) adverse effects and examples of discrimination on particular racial groups. This review evaluated both external service provision and internal staff management.

Working closely with the senior management, the review and research was conducted by interviewing staff members and the evaluation of relevant documents, such as policies and procedures and. This analysis was then linked to recommendations and information provided by other sources such as the Audit Commission, the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Employers organisation for Local Government - DIALOG (Diversity in Action in Local Govt).

Equality with Impact

Supporting a health organisation in developing and fine tuning its race equality remit to meet the criteria set by the legislative frame and good practice standards. The process included providing training on the equality impact assessments; and thereafter supporting managers in conducting the equality impact assessments. Supporting this initiative, consultation with senior management ensured that equality was implemented in all relevant strategies and procedures.

Other Projects - Summary

  • W. Herts Primary Care Trusts – supporting the organisation in developing a Black and Minority ethnic support group. Process includes having discussions with key managers and Black and Minority Ethnic staff members about taking this remit into the next stage of regular organised events and conferences. This project has the full support of the senior management team
  • Scope - UK disability organisation whose focus is people with cerebral palsy. Focus was to provide support to senior management in developing a race equality strategy. The support was provided through regular consultation and staff development training.
  • Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service – An evaluation project to measure the style and effectiveness of diversity training programme that has been in operation for four years. The process includes interviewing staff members at different levels within the organisation to gauge the impact of the training on work practices and organisational ethos.
  • Transport for London – Interview based project, key questions were asked to staff members to ascertain how far faith equality is implemented into practice within the organisation. A report was submitted with recommendations.
  • London Borough of Enfield – Consultancy Project to develop effective communication strategies for the voluntary organisations within Enfield.
  • Coaching in the Community – Series of coaching sessions for long term Prisoners and Ex Offenders. Specific remit – Young Muslim Men.



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